FAQ | Japan Bus Charter

Quotation and Reservation

Is quotation free?

Yes, it’s free. Please feel free to contact us.

From where can I prepare quotation?

You can prepare quotation on this site. Or you can request from e-mail (quote@japanbuscharter.com) /LINE.( ID : @japanbuscharter)

How long does it take from a quotation request to the answer?

In principle, we will answer you within 48 hours. If you in a hurry, let us know that when you ask a quotation.

How long in advance before departure do I have to make a reservation?

We recommend you to make a reservation soon after you decide your trip to some extent. Bus availability changes from day to day and is filled with reservation depending on a day.

What kind of vehicles can I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation as follows: Sedan(up to 3 people), A Hi-ace Van (up to 8 to 10 people), A Mini Bus up to 23 people), A Small Size Bus (up to 21 people), A Medium Size Bus (up to 27 people) and A Full Size Bus (up to 53 to 60 people).
If you have suitcase or others to load, talk to us about the trunk size, please.

Can I ask a vehicle not listed on the site?

It depends on the area you’re visiting. Please ask us what kind of vehicle you are looking for.

Where are the areas I can make a reservation?

We cover all over Japan.

What information is necessary to make a reservation?

The places and the time you get on and off, the number of people on board, a telephone number of a person in charge and a payment method are necessary.
And if you need a salon, a guide and a lift, please let us know.

How is the process to set the price?

The price is different from bus and taxi. For a bus, it is calculated by the day you use, the driving distance, the length of time and the type of vehicle.

When is the due date?

We charge 5,250 yen as a deposit at booking time. The reservation is confirmed with this receipt of deposit. And the balance will be paid by 15 days before you use. If the day you use is before 14 days or less than 14 days, full payment is charged at booking.

About airport transfer services

Can I use airport meeting service?

Yes. You can separately reserve an option service. Our staff or a driver will meet you with a sign board.
But whether an English speaking driver can meet you or not depends on the area you take.

Does the meeting service separately cost?

Yes. Our transfer service will separately charge you as follows.
When you need an English speaking staff: (Contact us for the charge)
For a staff not English speaking staff (driver): free of charge. But a parking lot fee is required.

Which airport is available for transfer service?

The service is available at Narita Airport, Haneda Airport and Kansai Airport.
For other airports, a driver who doesn’t speak English will be waiting at the arrival lobby.

If a plane arrives at early or late, how would that be?

We will confirm the flight time at booking, and we will be waiting for you at the airport. But when the arrival time would be much delayed, additional fees might be occurred.

How can I meet a driver and a staff?

They will be waiting for you holding a sign board at the arrival lobby.

When I should not meet a driver and a staff, what would I do?

When you use airport transfer service, we will tell you the telephone number, Call us up, please.
After contacting us, please wait until our staff comes to meet you at our specified place.
If you leave the airport before our staff comes to meet you, we cannot refund the total fee for the transfer service.

About the fees

What are not included in the fees?

Admission fees, your lunch and accommodation charges are not included.

Do I have to make a reservation of accommodations for a guide and a driver?

If you accompany with a guide and a driver during your trip, reservation is required.
We can arrange the accommodations here on behalf of you.
In this case, reservation of two meals, breakfast and dinner is required. They will stay at the same accommodation or near the facility. Also, parking lot fees are separately required.

Payment methods

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we do.
After reservation, a credit-card company will charge you.

Can I make a payment by check?

You cannot pay by check.

Can you issue a bill and a receipt?

Yes. We can send you by mail. If you need them, please contact us.

Can I pay by American dollars and other foreign currencies?

No. Only Japanese yen is possible.

About vehicles

Can you prepare a child seat?

We may prepare it when you use a taxi. Please contact us. For buses, we cannot set a child seat.

Are all the vehicles air conditioned?

Yes, all the vehicles are air conditioned.

Do all vehicles have trunks?

Full-Size Buses, Mid-Size Buses,Vans and Sedans have trunks. Mini Buses don’t have it.
However, as vehicles with trunks have different capacities depending on vehicles, you may have to load your things into the vehicle when the trunk is too tight.

Can I smoke in the vehicle?

In principle, it is no smoking.

Can I specify a non-smoking vehicle?

For a bus, you can specify a non-smoking vehicle.
You cannot specify a taxi, but we get rid of the smell in advance and we’ll tell your driver you prefer non-smoking car.  Please request at your booking.

Can I drink in a vehicle?

You can drink in most of vehicles.
But if a drunken customer breaks a car interior, all the repair costs are charged.
And a beer server and glasses are not prepared. Some vehicles have refrigerators, but confirm that when using it.

Are the vehicles insured?

Yes, all the vehicles are insured.
Injuries on board: Unlimited
Property damage on board: Unlimited

About guide and assistant

Can I make a reservation for an English speaking guide?

Yes. It’s possible. We can arrange a professional interpreter guide or an English speaking tour assistant suited for your interesting points (detailed explanation about prices and tour spots).

What language of a speaker can I make a reservation?

Basically, English speakers are available.
However, you can make a reservation of other language speakers depending on the necessary area. Please contact us.

About cancellation

  • Please find our cancellation policy as below.
  • 15 days before your trip departure:        5,500 yen
  • From 14 to 8 days before your trip departure:  20%
  • From 7 days to the previous day before departure:  30%
  • On the day before departure:  100%
  • After departure or no contact, no participation:  100%


Do I have to tip a driver?

No, there is no customs to tip in Japan. We will leave it to your courtesy.

Where can I meet a driver during my stay in hotel?

Please wait around the lobby of your hotel.
Upon arrival a driver at the hotel, a boy and a front desk person will show you holding a name board.

Can I change my itinerary?

Please contact us by telephone or e-mail before your departure as follows. After confirmation your changes, we will contact you whether it is possible.
Change your date of use: At least 14 days prior to use
Change your date of use: At least 48 hours prior to use
Other minor change: At least 3 hours prior to departure

For example, if we make a reservation of 7 hour use, but actually we use only 4 hours, is the 7 hours use charged?

Yes. 7 hours of use is charged.
Unless you contact us for change of usage time by 48 hours in advance, we will charge you the first charged amount.

What should I do if I left things in the vehicle?

We are not responsible for the lost things in the vehicle.
Please confirm a driver before he leaves if nothing is left in the trunk or in the vehicle.
We will try our best to find your lost things.
If we find your lost things, we will send you them at your expense.