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Professional Tour Guide Service

A qualified tour guide who has received government approval in Japan. The expert tour guide is skilled at interpreting and has in-depth knowledge of the geography and history of Japan. The tour guide can also conduct guiding duties at tourist attractions.

9 Hours48,000 JPY〜
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English Staff Service

Although the English staff would not be able to explain the sightseeing spots, they can communicate with drivers and there is a possibility that they can to correspond to a simple interpreting task at the hotel.

10 Hours35,000 JPY〜
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Restaurant Reservation Service

If you want to eat lunch or dinner at a specific time and location, we can make a restaurant reservation on your behalf.
The reservation fee is 3,300 JPY (tax included) /reservation. If you wish us to make arrangements on your behalf, just let us know.

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Bullet Train Service

Travel between prefectures quickly and easily by taking the bullet train, which is the fastest and most convenient mode of transportation.Sending us an email will help you avoid the difficulty and worry of purchasing bullet train tickets.

Luggage Van Service

Sightseeing with large luggage can sometimes be a hassle. We offer a luggage van service that transports only your luggage to your destination. With our luggage van service, you can enjoy sightseeing without any luggage.

Tokyo - Haneda Airport

60 Suitcases48,000 JPY〜
15 Suitcases24,000 JPY〜

Tokyo - Narita Airport / Osaka - Kansai Airport (KIX)

15 Suitcases36,000 JPY〜

Tokyo - Osaka

60 Suitcases156,000 JPY〜
15 Suitcases120,000 JPY〜

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