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Kobe, Shioya, A Quaint Fishing Town

SHIOYA is a quaint peaceful fishing village surrounded by beautiful mountains and the sea.

In this tour, we will take you to a seaweed factory, the Guggenheim house, and a local market street.
You can enjoy fantastic view of  Mt Rokko, Awaji island, the pearl bridge, etc. and some Japanese snacks and drinks at a lovely quaint market street with a great friendly guide who grew up in this town.

Have fun talking with local people & a super smiley environment !

Price : 8,600JPY / person

8 Shrines & Japanese Lunch Tour

In Kobe, there are shrines numbered from 1 to 8. This tour is a walking tour to visit each of the eight shrines starting from Ikuta Shrine.
Traditionally, there was a custom to visit these eight shrines on the day of Setsubun to pray for good luck.

On the way, you can enjoy Kobe’s cityscape and power spots.

At the end of the tour, you can have a Japanese traditional lunch at a designated cultural property, Matsunoya(Japanese-style restaurant).

Price : ¥9,600 (Ages 10 and older) / ¥9,000 (Ages 5 – 9) / Free for children under 4

Kobe China Town Walking Foodie Tour

In this tour, you can enjoy the good Chinese food in one of Japan’s three major Chinatowns known as Kobe’s popular sightseeing spot.

This tour is made together with people who actually lives there, and to welcome you, they prepared a privilege which is to not having have to wait in a long line outside the restaurant.

Other than good foods, you can also enjoy learning the history of architectures, get souvenirs, and also there is a present of a colorful signature board with your name written in Kanji.

This is the perfect tour you can explore the Nankin-Town within a short time.

Price : 7,700JPY / person

Sake Tasting Tour at Local Breweries Kobe

We’ll explore at least three of my favorite breweries. We’re passionate about sake, and we’d like to share with you the process of sake making, comparing different kinds and brands. You will taste the differences between sakes—the highest quality, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and many other seasonable sakes. We’ll also visit a special brewery, founded over 250 years ago, that still makes sake in small batches. It is the one of the smallest breweries around here. You will get to know the production method, while getting a feel for the deliciousness by tasting freshly made sake. Finally, we’ll visit an innovative brewery that makes brandy, sherry, Chardonnay in sake and citrus fruit sakes.

Price : 8,500JPY / person

【Temporarily Unavailable】Kobe Beef Eat and Experience Teppanyaki Tour

We ask you to approach the mystery of Kobe beef in this tour. Why has Kobe beef become famous all over the world? Why are Kobe beef delicious and expensive? How have Tajima cows grow up? What kind of standard can Tajima beef give itself “Kobe beef”? How do chefs cook Kobe beef teppanyaki? Knowing the true story of Kobe beef will allow you to experience the truly taste of Kobe beef !

Price : 12,500JPY / person

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Kobe Local Tours