Recommended Activities in Osaka | Japan Bus Charter

Rental Kart Tour “Akiba Kart Osaka”

The most exciting activity!! You can only experience in Japan!
Experience a sightseeing trip through the streets of Osaka from a go-kart.


General Price : 18,000JPY for 2hours, 14,000JPY for 1 hour

*You need an valid international driving license.(Not domestic license)

Night Hopping and Karaoke Tour

Enjoy foods ,drink, karaoke with the locals!
This tour offers 2 Hours of all-you-can-eat dumplings + 4 hours of free flow drinks + 2 hours of sing-all-you-can karaoke and other games!

1.Meeting up at 19:00at Shinsaibashi station.
2.A local Gyoza(dumpling) diner which includes all-you-can-eat gyoza and free flow drinks (alcohol and non alcohol) for 2 whole hours!
The food is eat-all-you-can with different flavors of gyoza and other menu’s.
3.Move to Karaoke bar where we’ll get our drinks on!
There you can have free flow drinks for 2 hours, shots of tequila, vodka, yagermeister, or gin and all you can sing karaoke!
4.The experience ends after the bar so you can stay at the bar or we can show you nearby spots with good vibes.

Price : 12,000JPY / person